Prison Cycle, for tenor and piano, songs 3 and 4 (songs 1, 2 & 5 by Alan Bush); Tzu-Yeh Songs, for soprano and piano; Two Songs, for tenor and piano; Carol, for tenor and piano; Two Fish, for tenor and piano; Precursors,for soprano and piano; Three French Nursery Songs, for soprano and piano, Scena Rustica, for soprano and harp; Valse, for piano; Ballade in G-sharp minor, for piano. on ‘British Composer Series / Prison Cycle: Alan Bush and Alan Rawsthorne / and songs and piano music by Rawsthorne and McCabe

Recording Information

Artist: Alan Cuckston, piano; Alison Wells, soprano; Judith Buckle, soprano; Keith Swallow, piano; Lucy Wakeford, harp; Martin Hindmarsh, tenor; Martin Hill, tenor
Label: Campion Cameo
Year: 2003
Catalog Number: CAMEO2021
Release ID Number: